Updating the SSL certificate - AWS Snowball Edge Developer Guide

Updating the SSL certificate

If you plan to keep your Snow Family device for more than 360 days, you will need to update the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate on the device to avoid interruption of your use of the device. If the certificate expires, you will not be able to use the device and will have to return it to AWS.

AWS will notify you 30 days before the SSL certificate expires for Snow Family devices you have. The notification is provided through email, AWS Health Dashboard, and as a CloudWatch event. The email notification is sent from Amazon Web Services, Inc. to the email address attached to the AWS account used to order the Snow Family device. When you receive the notification, follow the instructions in this topic and request an update as soon as possible to avoid interruption of your use of the device. For more information about AWS Health Dashboard, see AWS Health User Guide. For more information about CloudWatch Events, see Amazon CloudWatch Events User Guide.

Updating the SSL certificate is done through the Snowball Edge client. The latest version of the Snowball Edge client must be downloaded and installed on a computer in your local environment that has a network connection to the device you want to update. For more information, see Using the Snowball Edge Client.

This topic explains how to determine when the certificate will expire and how to update your device.

  1. Use the snowballEdge describe-device-software command to determine when the certificate will expire. In the output of the command, the value of CertificateExpiry includes the date and time at which the certificate will expire.

    Example of describe-device-software output
    Installed version: 101 Installing version: 102 Install State: Downloading CertificateExpiry : Thur Jan 01 00:00:00 UTC 1970
  2. Contact AWS Support and request an SSL certificate update.

  3. AWS Support will provide an update file. Download and install the update file.

  4. Use the new unlock code and manifest file when Unlocking the Snowball Edge.