Requesting support for SMS messaging with Amazon SNS - Amazon Simple Notification Service

Requesting support for SMS messaging with Amazon SNS

Certain SMS options with Amazon SNS aren't available for your AWS account until you contact AWS Support. Create a case in the AWS Support Center to request any of the following:

  • An increase to your monthly SMS spending threshold

    By default, the monthly spending threshold is $1.00 (USD). Your spending threshold determines the volume of messages that you can send with Amazon SNS. You can request a spending threshold that meets the expected monthly message volume for your SMS use case.

  • A move from the SMS sandbox so that you can send SMS messages without restrictions. For more information, see Moving out of the SMS sandbox.

  • A dedicated origination number

  • A dedicated sender ID

    A sender ID is a custom ID that is shown as the sender on the recipient's device. For example, you can use your business brand to make the message source easier to recognize. Support for sender IDs varies by country or region. For more information, see Supported Regions and countries.

When you create your case in the AWS Support Center, be sure to include all the required information for the type of request that you're submitting. Otherwise, AWS Support must contact you to obtain this information before proceeding. By submitting a detailed case, you help ensure that your case is fulfilled without delays. For the required details for specific types of SMS requests, see the following topics.