Manage continuous deployments with versions and aliases - AWS Step Functions

Manage continuous deployments with versions and aliases

You can use Step Functions to manage continuous deployments of your workflows through state machine versions and aliases. A version is a numbered, immutable snapshot of a state machine that you can run. An alias is a pointer for up to two versions of a state machine.

You can maintain multiple versions of your state machines and manage their deployment in your production workflow. With aliases, you can route traffic between different workflow versions and gradually deploy those workflows to the production environment.

Additionally, you can start state machine executions using a version or an alias. If you don't use a version or alias when you start a state machine execution, Step Functions uses the latest revision of the state machine definition.

State machine revision

A state machine can have one or more revisions. When you update a state machine using the UpdateStateMachine API action, it creates a new state machine revision. A revision is an immutable, read-only snapshot of a state machine’s definition and configuration. You can't start a state machine execution from a revision, and revisions don't have an ARN. Revisions have a revisionId, which is a universally unique identifier (UUID).