AWS Systems Manager
User Guide

About Advanced Parameters

AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store includes standard parameters and advanced parameters. You individually configure parameters to use either the standard-parameter tier (the default tier) or the advanced-parameter tier.

You can change a standard parameter to an advanced parameter at any time, but you can’t revert an advanced parameter to a standard parameter. Reverting an advanced parameter to a standard parameter would result in data loss because the system would truncate the size of the parameter from 8 KB to 4 KB. Reverting would also remove any policies attached to the parameter. Also, advanced parameters use a different form of encryption than standard parameters. For more information, see How AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store Uses AWS KMS in the AWS Key Management Service Developer Guide.

If you no longer need an advanced parameter, or if you no longer want to incur charges for an advanced parameter, you must delete it and recreate it as a new standard parameter.

The following table describes the differences between the tiers.

Standard Advanced

Total number of parameters allowed

(per AWS account and Region)



Maximum size of a parameter value

4 KB

8 KB

Parameter policies available



For more information, see Working with Parameter Policies.


No additional charge

Charges apply

For more information, see AWS Systems Manager Pricing.

Change a Standard Parameter to an Advanced Parameter

Use the following procedure to change an existing standard parameter to an advanced parameter. For information about how to create a new advanced parameter, see Creating Systems Manager Parameters.

To change a standard parameter to an advanced parameter

  1. Open the AWS Systems Manager console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Parameter Store.

  3. Choose a parameter, and then choose Edit.

  4. For Description, enter information about this parameter.

  5. Choose Advanced.

  6. For Value, enter the value of this parameter. Advanced parameters have a maximum value limit of 8 KB.

  7. Choose Save changes.