Manage associations for a VPC Lattice service - Amazon VPC Lattice

Manage associations for a VPC Lattice service

When you associate a service with the service network, it enables clients (resources in a VPC associated with the service network), to make requests to this service. You can associate services that are in your account or services that are shared with you from different accounts. This step is optional when creating the service. However, after creation, the service can't communicate with other services until you associate it with a service network. Service owners can associate their services to the service network if their account has the required access. For more information, see How VPC Lattice works.

To manage service network associations using the console
  1. Open the Amazon VPC console at

  2. In the navigation pane, under VPC Lattice, choose Services.

  3. Select the name of the service to open its details page.

  4. Choose the Service network associations tab.

  5. To create an association, do the following:

    1. Choose Create associations.

    2. Select a service network from VPC Lattice service networks. To create a service network, choose Create a VPC Lattice network.

    3. (Optional) To add a tag, expand Service association tags, choose Add new tag, and enter a tag key and tag value.

    4. Choose Save changes.

  6. To delete an association, select the check box for the association and then choose Actions, Delete network associations. When prompted for confirmation, enter confirm and then choose Delete.

To create a service network association using the AWS CLI

Use the create-service-network-service-association command.

To delete a service network association using the AWS CLI

Use the delete-service-network-service-association command.