SEC09-BP02 Enforce encryption in transit - AWS Well-Architected Framework

SEC09-BP02 Enforce encryption in transit

Enforce your defined encryption requirements based on your organization’s policies, regulatory obligations and standards to help meet organizational, legal, and compliance requirements. Only use protocols with encryption when transmitting sensitive data outside of your virtual private cloud (VPC). Encryption helps maintain data confidentiality even when the data transits untrusted networks.

Desired outcome: All data should be encrypted in transit using secure TLS protocols and cipher suites. Network traffic between your resources and the internet must be encrypted to mitigate unauthorized access to the data. Network traffic solely within your internal AWS environment should be encrypted using TLS wherever possible. The AWS internal network is encrypted by default and network traffic within a VPC cannot be spoofed or sniffed unless an unauthorized party has gained access to whatever resource is generating traffic (such as Amazon EC2 instances, and Amazon ECS containers). Consider protecting network-to-network traffic with an IPsec virtual private network (VPN).

Common anti-patterns:

  • Using deprecated versions of SSL, TLS, and cipher suite components (for example, SSL v3.0, 1024-bit RSA keys, and RC4 cipher).

  • Allowing unencrypted (HTTP) traffic to or from public-facing resources.

  • Not monitoring and replacing X.509 certificates prior to expiration.

  • Using self-signed X.509 certificates for TLS.

Level of risk exposed if this best practice is not established: High

Implementation guidance

AWS services provide HTTPS endpoints using TLS for communication, providing encryption in transit when communicating with the AWS APIs. Insecure protocols like HTTP can be audited and blocked in a VPC through the use of security groups. HTTP requests can also be automatically redirected to HTTPS in Amazon CloudFront or on an Application Load Balancer. You have full control over your computing resources to implement encryption in transit across your services. Additionally, you can use VPN connectivity into your VPC from an external network or AWS Direct Connect to facilitate encryption of traffic. Verify that your clients are making calls to AWS APIs using at least TLS 1.2, as AWS is deprecating the use of earlier versions of TLS in June 2023. AWS recommends using TLS 1.3. Third-party solutions are available in the AWS Marketplace if you have special requirements.

Implementation steps


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