Adobe Commerce Cloud extensibility strategy - Migrating Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce on Cloud Infrastructure Self-Service to AWS

Adobe Commerce Cloud extensibility strategy

Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure self-service or Adobe Commerce Cloud provides native support for Adobe Developer App Builder, Adobe’s cloud-native serverless extensibility platform. With Adobe Developer App Builder, business can build apps that extend the Storefront and admin UI, build middleware app integrations using Rest and GraphQL API, all in a no/low code environment. App Builder manages provisioning of storage, CDN, compute, and security along with a Developer Console and command line interface for centralized developer experience across Adobe solutions. App Builder also includes an API Mesh that enables customers to easily configure and integrate third-party APIs and run GraphQL queries across multiple sources of data through a single mesh. Every Magento Commerce customer is entitled to a base level of App Builder capacity that covers most common extensibility use cases, with the ability to purchase additional capacity if needed. To learn more about the integrations capabilities, see Magento Commerce documentation. To learn more about the trial sign up process, check out the trial sign-up page