Amazon API Gateway
Developer Guide

Create a Simple API in API Gateway

For illustration purposes, we will use a simplified PetStore API that exposes only the GET / method. This method is integrated with the endpoint of and handles 200 OK responses. The discussions focus on the essential programming tasks for creating an API in API Gateway, taking advantage of default settings. More complex details of API creation are discussed elsewhere in this chapter.

Create an API Using the API Gateway Console

To create an API Gateway API using the API Gateway console, see Build an API with HTTP Custom Integration Using the API Gateway Console.

You can learn how to create an API by following an example. For more information, see Build an API Gateway API from an Example.

Alternatively, you can create an API by using the API Gateway Import API feature to upload an external API definition, such as one expressed in the Swagger 2.0 with the API Gateway Extensions to Swagger. The example provided in Build an API Gateway API from an Example uses the Import API feature.

Create an API Using the AWS SDK for API Gateway

For more information using an AWS SDK, see AWS SDKs.