Amazon Simple Queue Service
Developer Guide

Amazon SQS Compliance

Amazon SQS is compliant with the following standards.


Amazon SQS supports the processing, storage, and transmission of credit card data by a merchant or service provider, and has been validated as compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). For more information about PCI DSS, including how to request a copy of the AWS PCI Compliance Package, see PCI DSS Level 1.


AWS has expanded its HIPAA compliance program to include Amazon SQS as a HIPAA Eligible Service. If you have an executed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with AWS, you can use Amazon SQS to build your HIPAA-compliant applications, store messages in transit, and transmit messages—including messages containing protected health information (PHI). For more information, see HIPAA Compliance.


If you prefer not to transfer PHI through Amazon SQS (or if you have messages larger than 256 KB), you can alternatively send Amazon SQS message payloads through Amazon S3 using the Amazon SQS Extended Client Library for Java (Amazon S3 is a HIPAA Eligible Service, excluding the use of Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration). For more information, see Using the Amazon SQS Extended Client Library for Java.

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