Write and create a Lambda@Edge function - Amazon CloudFront

Write and create a Lambda@Edge function

To use Lambda@Edge, you write the code for your AWS Lambda function. Next, you set up Lambda to run the function based on specific CloudFront events, which are called triggers.

You can use the AWS Management Console to work with Lambda functions and CloudFront triggers, or you can work with Lambda@Edge programmatically by using the API.

Write your Lambda@Edge function

To help you write Lambda@Edge functions, see the following resources:

The programming model for using Node.js or Python with Lambda@Edge is the same as using Lambda in an AWS Region. For more information, see Building Lambda functions with Node.js or Building Lambda functions with Python in the AWS Lambda Developer Guide.

In your Lambda@Edge function, include the callback parameter and return the applicable object for request or response events:

  • Request events – Include the cf.request object in the response.

    If you're generating a response, include the cf.response object in the response. For more information, see Generate HTTP responses in request triggers.

  • Response events – Include the cf.response object in the response.