AWS Partners - Amazon Elastic Container Service

AWS Partners

You can use any of the following AWS Partner products to add additional security and features to your Amazon ECS workloads. For more information, see Amazon ECS Partners.

Aqua Security

You can use Aqua Security to secure your cloud-native applications from development to production. The Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform integrates with your cloud-native resources and orchestration tools to provide transparent and automated security. It can prevent suspicious activity and attacks in real time, and help to enforce policy and simplify regulatory compliance.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks provides security and protection for your hosts, containers, and serverless infrastructure in the cloud and throughout the development and software lifecycle.

Twistlock is supplied by Palo Alto Networks and can be integrated with Amazon ECS FireLens. With it, you have access to high fidelity security logs and incidents that are seamlessly aggregated into several AWS services. These include Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Athena, and Amazon Kinesis. Twistlock secures workloads that are deployed on AWS container services.


You can use Sysdig to run secure and compliant cloud-native workloads in production scenarios. The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform has embedded security and compliance features to protect your cloud-native workloads, and also offers enterprise-grade scalability, performance, and customization.