Overview of Oracle DB options - Amazon Relational Database Service

Overview of Oracle DB options

To enable options for your Oracle database, add them to an option group, and then associate the option group with your DB instance. For more information, see Working with option groups.

Summary of Oracle Database options

You can add the following options for Oracle DB instances.

Options supported for different editions

RDS for Oracle prevents you from adding options to an edition if they aren't supported. To find out which RDS options are supported in different Oracle Database editions, use the command aws rds describe-option-group-options. The following example lists supported options for Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition.

aws rds describe-option-group-options \ --engine-name oracle-ee \ --major-engine-version 19

For more information, see describe-option-group-options in the AWS CLI Command Reference.

Memory requirements for specific options

Some options require additional memory to run on your DB instance. For example, Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control uses about 300 MB of RAM. If you enable this option for a small DB instance, you might encounter performance problems due to memory constraints. You can adjust the Oracle parameters so that the database requires less RAM. Alternatively, you can scale up to a larger DB instance.