Amazon Relational Database Service
User Guide (API Version 2014-10-31)


Sets the replication mode to be based on either binary log file positions or on global transaction identifiers (GTIDs).


CALL mysql.rds_set_master_auto_position ( auto_position_mode );



A value that indicates whether to use log file position replication or GTID-based replication:

  • 0 – Use the replication method based on binary log file position. The default is 0.

  • 1 – Use the GTID-based replication method.

Usage Notes

The master user must run the mysql.rds_set_master_auto_position procedure.

For Amazon RDS MySQL 5.7, this procedure is supported for MySQL 5.7.23 and later. This procedure is not supported for Amazon RDS MySQL 5.6.

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