Amazon Relational Database Service
User Guide (API Version 2014-10-31)


Sets the replication mode to be based on either binary log file positions or on global transaction identifiers (GTIDs).


CALL mysql.rds_set_master_auto_position ( auto_position_mode );



A value that indicates whether to use log file position replication or GTID-based replication:

  • 0 – Use the replication method based on binary log file position. The default is 0.

  • 1 – Use the GTID-based replication method.

Usage Notes

The master user must run the mysql.rds_set_master_auto_position procedure.

For Amazon RDS MySQL 5.7, this procedure is supported for MySQL 5.7.23 and later MySQL 5.7 versions. This procedure is not supported for Amazon RDS MySQL 5.5, 5.6, or 8.0.

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