AWS Identity and Access Management
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Actions, Resources, and Condition Keys for Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (service prefix: mechanicalturk) provides the following service-specific resources, actions, and condition context keys for use in IAM permission policies.


Actions Defined by Amazon Mechanical Turk

You can specify the following actions in the Action element of an IAM policy statement. By using policies, you define the permissions for anyone performing an operation in AWS. When you use an action in a policy, you usually allow or deny access to the API operation or CLI command with the same name. However, in some cases, a single action controls access to more than one operation. Alternatively, some operations require several different actions. For details about the columns in the following table, see The Actions Table.

Actions Description Access Level Resource Types (*required) Condition Keys Dependent Actions
ApproveAssignment The ApproveAssignment operation approves the results of a completed assignment Write
ApproveRejectedAssignment The ApproveRejectedAssignment operation approves an assignment that was previously rejected Write
AssignQualification The AssignQualification operation gives a Worker a Qualification Write
BlockWorker The BlockWorker operation allows you to prevent a Worker from working on your HITs Write
ChangeHITTypeOfHIT The BlockWorker operation allows you to prevent a Worker from working on your HITs Write
CreateHIT The CreateHIT operation creates a new Human Intelligence Task (HIT) Write
CreateQualificationType The CreateQualificationType operation creates a new Qualification type, which is represented by a QualificationType data structure Write
DisableHIT The DisableHIT operation removes a HIT from the Amazon Mechanical Turk marketplace, approves any submitted assignments pending approval or rejection, and disposes of the HIT and all assignment data Write
DisposeHIT The DisposeHIT operation disposes of a HIT that is no longer needed Write
DisposeQualificationType The DisposeQualificationType operation disposes a Qualification type and disposes any HIT types that are associated with the Qualification type Write
ExtendHIT The ExtendHIT operation increases the maximum number of assignments, or extends the expiration date, of an existing HIT Write
ForceExpireHIT The ForceExpireHIT operation causes a HIT to expire immediately, as if the LifetimeInSeconds parameter of the HIT had elapsed Write
GetAccountBalance The GetAccountBalance operation retrieves the amount of money in your Amazon Mechanical Turk account Read
GetAssignment The GetAssignment operation retrieves an assignment with an AssignmentStatus value of Submitted, Approved, or Rejected, using the assignment's ID Read
GetAssignmentsForHIT The GetAssignmentsForHIT operation retrieves completed assignments for a HIT Read
GetBlockedWorkers The GetBlockedWorkers operation retrieves a list of Workers who are blocked from working on your HITs Read
GetBonusPayments The GetBonusPayments operation retrieves the amounts of bonuses you have paid to Workers for a given HIT or assignment Read
GetFileUploadURL The GetFileUploadURL operation generates and returns a temporary URL Read
GetHIT The GetHIT operation retrieves the details of the specified HIT Read
GetHITsForQualificationType The GetHITsForQualificationType operation returns the HITs that use the given Qualification type for a Qualification requirement Read
GetQualificationRequests The GetQualificationRequests operation retrieves requests for Qualifications of a particular Qualification type Read
GetQualificationScore The GetQualificationScore operation returns the value of a Worker's Qualification for a given Qualification type Read
GetQualificationType The GetQualificationType operation retrieves information about a Qualification type using its ID Read
GetQualificationsForQualificationType The GetQualificationsForQualificationType operation returns all of the Qualifications granted to Workers for a given Qualification type Read
GetRequesterStatistic The GetRequesterStatistic operation retrieves statistics about you (the Requester calling the operation) Read
GetRequesterWorkerStatistic The GetRequesterWorkerStatistic operation retrieves statistics about a specific Worker who has completed Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) for you Read
GetReviewResultsForHIT The GetReviewResultsForHIT operation retrieves the computed results and the actions taken in the course of executing your Review Policies during a CreateHIT operation Read
GetReviewableHITs The GetReviewableHITs operation retrieves the HITs with Status equal to Reviewable or Status equal to Reviewing that belong to the Requester calling the operation Read
GrantBonus The GrantBonus operation issues a payment of money from your account to a Worker Write
GrantQualification The GrantQualification operation grants a Worker's request for a Qualification Write
NotifyWorkers The NotifyWorkers operation sends an email to one or more Workers that you specify with the Worker ID Write
RegisterHITType The RegisterHITType operation creates a new HIT type Write
RejectAssignment The RejectAssignment operation rejects the results of a completed assignment Write
RejectQualificationRequest The RejectQualificationRequest operation rejects a user's request for a Qualification Write
RevokeQualification The RevokeQualification operation revokes a previously granted Qualification from a user Write
SearchHITs The SearchHITs operation returns all of a Requester's HITs, on behalf of the Requester Read
SearchQualificationTypes The SearchQualificationTypes operation searches for Qualification types using the specified search query, and returns a list of Qualification types Read
SendTestEventNotification The SendTestEventNotification operation causes Amazon Mechanical Turk to send a notification message as if a HIT event occurred, according to the provided notification specification Write
SetHITAsReviewing The SetHITAsReviewing operation updates the status of a HIT Write
SetHITTypeNotification The SetHITTypeNotification operation creates, updates, disables or re-enables notifications for a HIT type Write
UnblockWorker The UnblockWorker operation allows you to reinstate a blocked Worker to work on your HITs Write
UpdateQualificationScore The UpdateQualificationScore operation changes the value of a Qualification previously granted to a Worker Write
UpdateQualificationType The UpdateQualificationType operation modifies the attributes of an existing Qualification type, which is represented by a QualificationType data structure Write

Resources Defined by Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk has no service-defined resources that can be used as the Resource element of an IAM policy statement.

Condition Keys for Amazon Mechanical Turk

MechanicalTurk has no service-specific context keys that can be used in the Condition element of policy statements. For the list of the global context keys that are available to all services, see Available Keys for Conditions in the IAM Policy Reference.