Commissioning an Ethernet gateway - Amazon Monitron

Commissioning an Ethernet gateway

When your gateway is mounted in your factory, you will need access to the Amazon Monitron mobile app to commission it. Amazon Monitron supports only smartphones using Android 8.0+ or iOS 14+ with near field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth.

To commission a gateway

  1. If Bluetooth isn't already turned on for your smartphone, turn it on.

  2. Position your gateway in the location that works best for communicating with your sensors.

    The best place to mount your gateway is higher than the sensors and no more than 20 to 30 meters away. For additional help with locating your gateway, see Placing and installing an Ethernet gateway.

  3. Plug in the gateway and make sure the network light (yellow) and the Bluetooth light (blue) on the front of your gateway are blinking alternatively.

  4. Push the Config button on the gateway to put it into commissioning mode. the Bluetooth and network LED lights will start flashing rapidly.

  5. Open the mobile app on your smartphone.

  6. On the Getting started page or the Gateways page, choose Add gateway.

    Amazon Monitron scans for the gateway. This can take a few moments. when Amazon Monitron finds the gateway, it displays it in the gateway list.

  7. Choose the gateway.


    If you are using an iOS mobile device, and you have previously paired with this particular gateway, then you may need to make your device "forget" the gateway before re-pairing. For more information, see Troubleshooting Bluetooth pairing.

    It can take a few moments for Amazon Monitron to connect to the new gateway.

    If the mobile app continues to try to connect to the gateway without success, see Troubleshooting Ethernet gateway detection.

  8. After it connects to the gateway, Amazon Monitron will provide two options for you to configure the network connection for your gateway.

  9. Choose your network configuation.

    It can take a few minutes for the gateway to be commissioned and to connect to the network.

    If you have further difficulties making the gateway work, it might be helpful to reset it. For more information, see Resetting the Ethernet gateway to factory settings.

    1. If you choose automatic (DHCP), Amazon Monitron will automatically configure the network to connect the gateway.

    2. If you choose manual, enter your IP address, subnet mask, router, preferred DNS server, and alternate DNS server (optional) information. then choose connect.