Querying AWS service logs - Amazon Athena

Querying AWS service logs

This section includes several procedures for using Amazon Athena to query popular datasets, such as AWS CloudTrail logs, Amazon CloudFront logs, Classic Load Balancer logs, Application Load Balancer logs, Amazon VPC flow logs, and Network Load Balancer logs.

The tasks in this section use the Athena console, but you can also use other tools like the Athena JDBC driver, the AWS CLI, or the Amazon Athena API Reference.

For information about using AWS CloudFormation to automatically create AWS service log tables, partitions, and example queries in Athena, see Automating AWS service logs table creation and querying them with Amazon Athena in the AWS Big Data Blog. For information about using a Python library for AWS Glue to create a common framework for processing AWS service logs and querying them in Athena, see Easily query AWS service logs using Amazon Athena.

The topics in this section assume that you have configured appropriate permissions to access Athena and the Amazon S3 bucket where the data to query should reside. For more information, see Setting up and Getting started.

For information about querying Amazon S3 logs, see the following topics: