Amazon Chime
Administration Guide

Getting Started

The easiest way for your users to get started with Amazon Chime is to download and use the Amazon Chime Pro version for free for 30 days. For more information, see Download Amazon Chime.

With Amazon Chime usage-based pricing, you only pay for users that host meetings on the days when meetings are held. Meeting attendees and chat users are not charged. Users with a Pro license are considered Active Pro if they host a meeting that ends on a calendar day and at least one of the following occurs:

  • The meeting was scheduled.

  • The meeting included more than two attendees.

  • The meeting had at least one recording event.

  • The meeting included an attendee that dialed in.

  • The meeting included an attendee that joined with H.323 or SIP.

For more information, see Plans and Pricing.

To begin managing your users and access administrative features, complete the following tasks: