Create prompts - Amazon Connect

Create prompts

Prompts are audio files played in call flows. For example, hold music is a prompt. Amazon Connect comes with a set of prompts that you can add to your contact flows. Or, you can add your own recordings.

You can upload a pre-recorded .wav file to use for your prompt, or record one in the web application.

We recommend using 8 KHz .wav files that are less than 50 MB and less than 5 minutes long. If you use higher rated audio libraries, such as 16 KHz or 16 bit files, Amazon Connect has to down sample them into 8 KHz samples due to PSTN limitations (here's a Wikipedia article that provides details: G.711). This may result in low quality audio.

We recommend that you align your prompts and routing policies with each other to ensure a smooth call flow for customers.

To create a prompt

  1. In the navigation pane, choose Routing, Prompts.

  2. On the Manage voice prompts page, choose Create new prompt.

  3. Choose the following actions:

    • Upload—Select the file to upload.

    • Record—Select the red circle to begin recording. Use the red square to stop. You can choose Crop to cut the recorded prompt or Discard to record a new prompt.

  4. For Step 2: Input basic information, enter the name of the file, and then choose Create.

Maximum length for prompts

Amazon Connect supports prompts that are less than 50 MB and less than 5 minutes long.

Bulk upload of prompts

Currently bulk upload of prompts is not supported through the Amazon Connect console or programmatically.