Flow block: Set disconnect flow - Amazon Connect

Flow block: Set disconnect flow


  • Specifies which flow to run after a disconnect event during a contact.

    A disconnect event is when:

    • A call, chat, or task is disconnected by an agent.

    • A task is disconnected as a result of a flow action.

    • A task expires. The task is automatically disconnected if it is not completed in 7 days.

    When the disconnect event occurs, the corresponding flow runs.

  • Here are examples of when you might use this block:

    • Run post-call surveys. For example, the agent asks the customer to remain on the line for a post-call survey. The agent hangs up and a disconnect flow is run. In the disconnect flow, the customer is asked a set of questions using the Get customer input block. Their answers are uploaded using an Invoke AWS Lambda function block to an external customer feedback database. The customer is thanked and disconnected.

      For more information about creating post-call surveys, see this blog post by an AWS Solution Architect: Create post call surveys in Amazon Connect.

    • In a chat scenario, if a customer stops responding to the chat, use this block to decide whether to run the disconnect flow and call a Wait block, or end the conversation.

    • In task scenarios where a task may not be completed in 7 days, use this block to run a disconnect flow to determine whether the task should be requeued, or completed/disconnected by a flow action.

Supported channels

The following table lists how this block routes a contact who is using the specified channel.

Channel Supported?







Flow types

You can use this block in the following contact flow types:

  • All flows


Configured block

When this block is configured, it looks similar to the following image:

Sample flows

See these sample flows for scenarios that use this block:


See these topics for scenarios that use this block: