Step-by-step Guides - Amazon Connect

Step-by-step Guides

In the Amazon Connect agent workspace, you can create workflows that walk agents through custom UI pages that suggest what to do at a given moment during a customer interaction. You can create workflows that give your agents screen pops and single page forms, or you can create detailed step-by-step guides that give your agents clear instructions on how to handle a particular use case. You can also customize the UI and the data that agents see.

To learn more about the possible UI configurations, see our interactive documentation.

To learn more about the pricing of step-by-step guides, choose the Guides tab on the Amazon Connect pricing page.


Agent facing workflows are configured by a creating a flow that uses the Show view. The Show view block determines what View to render in the agent's UI while all pre-existing flow blocks can be used to create branching decision trees and send and receive data from external systems.

When mapping a view to a Show view block, you will be able to select from a list of pre-built Views. For more details on the views see Flow block: Show view.

Complex JSON Object support

The Show view block allows you to pass complex JSON objects between Amazon Connect agent workspaces and flows. Along with the Show view block, the Invoke AWS Lambda block is able to take JSON objects as input and output parameters. This allows you to pass larger quantities of data with fewer mapping steps required.