Amazon FreeRTOS
User Guide

Creating a Code-Signing Certificate for Custom Hardware

Using an appropriate toolset, create a self-signed certificate and private key for your hardware.

After you create your code-signing certificate, import it into ACM:

aws acm import-certificate --certificate file://code-sign.crt --private-key file://code-sign.key

The output from this command displays an ARN for your certificate. You need this ARN when you create an OTA update job.

ACM requires certificates to use specific algorithms and key sizes. For more information, see Prerequisites for Importing Certificates. For more information about ACM, see Importing Certificates into AWS Certificate Manager.

You must copy, paste, and format the contents of your code-signing certificate and private key into the aws_ota_codesigner_certificate.h file that is part of the Amazon FreeRTOS code you download later.