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GameLift FlexMatch API reference (AWS SDK)

This topic provides a task-based list of API operations for GameLift FlexMatch. The GameLift FlexMatch service API is packaged into the AWS SDK in the aws.gamelift namespace. Download the AWS SDK or view the Amazon GameLift API reference documentation.

GameLift FlexMatch provides matchmaking services for use with games that are hosted with GameLift hosting solutions (including managed hosting for custom game servers or Realtime Servers, and hosting on Amazon EC2 with GameLift FleetIQ), as well as with other hosting systems such as peer-to-peer, on-premises, or cloud compute primitives. See the GameLift Developer Guide for more information on other GameLift hosting options.

Set up matchmaking rules and processes

Call these operations to create a FlexMatch matchmaker, configure the matchmaking process for your game, and define a set of custom rules for creating matches and teams.

Matchmaking configuration

Matchmaking rule set

Request a match for a player or players

Call these operations from your game client service to manage player matchmaking requests.

  • StartMatchmaking – Request matchmaking for one player or a group who want to play in the same match.

  • DescribeMatchmaking – Get details on a matchmaking request, including status.

  • AcceptMatch – For a match that requires player acceptance, notify GameLift when a player accepts a proposed match.

  • StopMatchmaking – Cancel a matchmaking request.

  • StartMatchBackfill - Request additional player matches to fill empty slots in an existing game session.

Available programming languages

The AWS SDK with Amazon GameLift is available in the following languages. See documentation for each language for details on support for development environments.