AWS Lambda
Developer Guide

Managing Versioning Using the AWS Management Console, the AWS CLI, or Lambda API Operations

You can manage Lambda function versioning programmatically using AWS SDKs (or make the AWS Lambda API calls directly, if you need to), using AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), or the AWS Lambda console.

AWS Lambda provides the following APIs to manage versioning and aliases:








In addition to these APIs, existing relevant APIs also support versioning related operations.

For an example of how you can use the AWS CLI, see Tutorial: Using AWS Lambda Aliases.

This section explains how you can use the AWS Lambda console to manage versioning. In the AWS Lambda console, choose a function and then choose Qualifiers.

The expanded Qualifiers menu displays a Versions and Aliases tab, as shown in the following screen shot. In the Versions pane, you can see a list of versions for the selected function. If you have not previously published a version for the selected function, the Versions pane lists only the $LATEST version, as shown following.

Choose the Aliases tab to see a list of aliases for the function. Initially, you won't have any aliases, as shown following.

Now you can publish a version or create aliases for the selected Lambda function by using the Actions menu.

To learn about versioning and aliases, see AWS Lambda Function Versioning and Aliases.