AWS Lambda
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AWS Lambda Function Logging in PowerShell

Your Lambda function can contain logging statements and, in turn, AWS Lambda writes these logs to CloudWatch Logs.

In the PowerShell Lambda programming model, the Write cmdlets like Write-Host, Write-Output, and Write-Information are all written to CloudWatch Logs.

For example, the following example code writes a message to CloudWatch Logs:

Write-Host 'Hello World. This string is written to CloudWatch logs.'

How to Find Logs

You can find the logs that your Lambda function writes, as follows:

  • Find the logs in CloudWatch Logs. The $LambdaContext variable provides the LogGroupName and the LogStreamName properties. Using these properties, you can find the specific log stream where the logs are written.

  • If you invoke a Lambda function programmatically, you can add the LogType parameter to retrieve the last 4 KB of log data that's written to CloudWatch Logs. For more information, see Invoke. AWS Lambda returns this log information in the x-amz-log-results header in the response. If you use the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) to invoke the function, you can specify the --log-type parameter with the value Tail.

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