Outpost maintenance - AWS Outposts

Outpost maintenance

Under the shared responsibility model, AWS is responsible for the hardware and software that run AWS services. This applies to AWS Outposts, just as it does to an AWS Region. For example, AWS manages security patches, updates firmware, and maintains the Outpost equipment. AWS also monitors the performance, health, and metrics for your Outpost and determines whether any maintenance is required.

Hardware maintenance

If AWS detects an irreparable issue with hardware hosting EC2 instances running on your Outpost, we will send you instance retirement notices for the affected instances. If you stop or terminate an affected instance, the hypervisor scrubs (sets to zero) all data that was allocated to the instance from the hardware. What you do next depends on the form factor of your Outpost.

  • For Outpost racks, you can start the affected instance that you stopped to migrate the instance to available capacity.

  • For Outpost servers, you can use the AMI to launch the instance from the AWS Region where it is registered.

If you do not stop and start an affected instance, AWS stops and starts it for you when it reaches its scheduled retirement date. For more information, see Instance Retirement in the Amazon EC2 User Guide.

If hardware maintenance is required, AWS will contact you to confirm a date and time for the AWS installation team to visit your Outpost site. You can schedule a visit as soon as two business days from the time that you speak with the AWS team.

When the AWS installation team arrives on site, they will replace the unhealthy hosts, switches, or rack elements and bring the new capacity online. They will not perform any hardware diagnostics or repairs on site. If they replace a host, they will remove and destroy the NIST-compliant physical security key, effectively shredding any data that might remain on the hardware. This ensures that no data leaves your site. If they replace an Outpost networking device, network configuration information might be present on the device when it is removed from the site. This information might include IP addresses and ASNs used to establish virtual interfaces for configuring the path to your local network or back to the Region.


We recommend that you contact AWS Support before you make any changes to the physical facility where your Outpost is located that might impact the connection between your Outpost and the AWS Region. For more information, see Creating a support case in the AWS Support User Guide.

Firmware updates

Updating the Outpost firmware does not typically affect the instances on your Outpost. In the rare case that we need to reboot the Outpost equipment to install an update, you will receive an instance retirement notice for any instances running on that capacity.

Planned and unplanned power down

We recommend opening a case with AWS Support before making any power changes that would disrupt the connection between the Outpost site and the AWS Region. If you have an unplanned power loss, contact support. For more information, see Creating a support case in the AWS Support User Guide.