Amazon Pinpoint
User Guide

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The Amazon Pinpoint Deliverability Dashboard

The Deliverability dashboard helps you identify and address issues that could have impact the delivery of the emails that you send. By addressing the issues that the Deliverability dashboard identifies, you can increase the chances that the emails you send from Amazon Pinpoint arrive in your customers' inboxes, instead of their junk mail folders.


There are additional fees associated with using the Deliverability dashboard. To learn more about these fees, see the Amazon Pinpoint Pricing page.

You can access the Deliverability dashboard by using the Amazon Pinpoint console.

To view the Deliverability dashboard

  1. Open the Amazon Pinpoint console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Deliverability dashboard.

The Deliverability dashboard is made up of six parts, which are described in the following sections: