Optimize phase - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Optimize phase

        Optimize phase in rehosting SAP workloads on AWS

The optimize phase covers continuous process improvements for the infrastructure and ensures that security compliance is met. It focuses on operations that target further infrastructure automation, system fine-tuning, and AWS best practices. In this phase, the project team verifies that the objectives set in the design documents (developed during the mobilize phase) have been achieved, and, if required, adjusts the parameters of the platform for the SAP workloads. If necessary, adjustments are made to maximize performance and business benefits while minimizing risks and costs. The final operations on the platform are set up, reports are generated, and the project closure documentation is signed off.

Objectives Activities
  • Provide hypercare support after going live

  • Set up detailed operations

  • Automate operations

  • Review and optimize security setup

  • Optimize system performance

  • Automate alerts based on key events and thresholds

  • Automate and set up AWS Machine Image (AMI) and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshots, SAP automatic scaling, automated database refresh capabilities, and SAP HANA patching

  • Review and optimize security setup, including encryption, virtual private cloud (VPC), and central logging

  • Optimize cost and performance, including fine-tuning sizing, elasticity, and backups



  • Outputs from the migrate phase

  • AWS best practices for operations, related automations, and modernization

  • Report of final architecture compliance

  • Report on the security of SAP infrastructure on AWS

  • Report on cost and performance optimization

For more information, see the blog post by Chris Grudzinski and Kaustubh Kulkarni on the AWS for SAP blog. It describes how customers who run SAP on AWS can take advantage of a broad set of additional services to enhance and simplify the operations of running SAP. Such services are delivered as a part of the optimize phase.