Create an MLOps Project using Amazon SageMaker Studio - Amazon SageMaker

Create an MLOps Project using Amazon SageMaker Studio

This procedure demonstrates how to create an MLOps project using Amazon SageMaker Studio.


To create a project in Studio
  1. Sign in to Studio. For more information, see Onboard to Amazon SageMaker Domain.

  2. In the Studio sidebar, choose the Home icon ( ).

  3. Select Deployments from the menu, and then select Projects.

  4. Choose Create project.

    The Create project tab opens displaying a list of available templates.

  5. If not selected already, choose SageMaker templates. For more information about project templates, see MLOps Project Templates.

  6. Choose MLOps template for model building, training, and deployment.

  7. Choose Select project template.

    The Create project tab changes to display Project details.

  8. Enter the following information:

    • For Project details, enter a name and description for your project.

    • Optionally, add tags, which are key-value pairs that you can use to track your projects.

  9. Choose Create project and wait for the project to appear in the Projects list.