Configure the SDK for JavaScript - AWS SDK for JavaScript

The AWS SDK for JavaScript V3 API Reference Guide describes in detail all the API operations for the AWS SDK for JavaScript version 3 (V3).

Configure the SDK for JavaScript

Before you use the SDK for JavaScript to invoke web services using the API, you must configure the SDK. At a minimum, you must configure:

  • The AWS Region in which you will request services

  • How your code authenticates with AWS

In addition to these settings, you might also have to configure permissions for your AWS resources. For example, you can limit access to an Amazon S3 bucket or restrict an Amazon DynamoDB table for read-only access.

The AWS SDKs and Tools Reference Guide also contains settings, features, and other foundational concepts common among many of the AWS SDKs.

The topics in this section describe the ways to configure the SDK for JavaScript for Node.js and JavaScript running in a web browser.