Building an Amazon Lex chatbot - AWS SDK for JavaScript

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Building an Amazon Lex chatbot

You can create an Amazon Lex chatbot within a web application to engage your web site visitors. An Amazon Lex chatbot is functionality that performs on-line chat conversation with users without providing direct contact with a person. For example, the following illustration shows an Amazon Lex chatbot that engages a user about booking a hotel room.

The Amazon Lex chatbot created in this AWS tutorial is able to handle multiple languages. For example, a user who speaks French can enter French text and get back a response in French.

Likewise, a user can communicate with the Amazon Lex chatbot in Italian.

This AWS tutorial guides you through creating an Amazon Lex chatbot and integrating it into a Node.js web application. The AWS SDK for JavaScript (version 3) is used to invoke these AWS services:

  • Amazon Lex

  • Amazon Comprehend

  • Amazon Translate

Cost to complete: The AWS services included in this document are included in the AWS Free Tier.

Note: Be sure to terminate all of the resources you create while going through this tutorial to ensure that you’re not charged.