Create an AWS account - AWS SDK for .NET

Create an AWS account

To use the AWS SDK for .NET to access AWS services, you need an AWS account and AWS credentials.

  1. Create an account.

    To create an AWS account, see Getting started: Are you a first-time AWS user? in the AWS Account Management Reference Guide.

  2. Create an administrative user.

    Avoid using your root user account (the initial account you create) to access the management console and services. Instead, create an administrative user account, as explained in Create an administrative user in the IAM User Guide.

    After you create the administrative user account and record the login details, be sure to sign out of your root user account and sign back in using the administrative account.

If you need to close your AWS account, see Closing an account.

Next step

Install and configure your toolchain

Additional information

For additional information about how to handle certificates and security, see IAM best practices and use cases in the IAM User Guide.

For information about adding AWS credentials to your applications, see Configure AWS credentials.