Create an AWS Account and Credentials - AWS SDK for .NET (version 3)

This content focuses on .NET Framework and ASP.NET 4.x. It covers Windows and Visual Studio.

Working with .NET Core or ASP.NET Core? Go to the content for version 3.5 or later of the AWS SDK for .NET. It covers cross-platform development in addition to Windows and Visual Studio.

Create an AWS Account and Credentials

To use the AWS SDK for .NET to access AWS services, you need an AWS account and AWS credentials. To increase the security of your AWS account, we recommend that you use an IAM user to provide access credentials instead of using your root account credentials.

  • To create an AWS account, see How do I create and activate a new Amazon Web Services account?.

  • Avoid using your root user account (the initial account you create) to access services. Instead, create an administrative user account, as explained in Creating Your First IAM Admin User and Group. After you create the administrative user account and record the login details, sign out of your root user account and sign back in using the administrative account.

  • To perform many of the tasks and examples in this guide, you will need access keys for a user account so that you can access AWS services programmatically. To create access keys for an existing user, see Managing Access Keys (Console). Alternatively, you can create access keys when you create a user. When creating the user, choose an Access type of Programmatic access instead of (or in addition to) AWS Management Console access.

  • To close your AWS account, see Closing an Account.

For additional information about how to handle certificates and security, see IAM Best Practices and Use Cases in the IAM User Guide