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AWS Database Migration Service controls

These controls are related to AWS DMS resources.

These controls may not be available in all AWS Regions. For more information, see Availability of controls by Region.

[DMS.1] Database Migration Service replication instances should not be public

Related requirements: PCI DSS v3.2.1/1.2.1,PCI DSS v3.2.1/1.3.1,PCI DSS v3.2.1/1.3.4,PCI DSS v3.2.1/1.3.2,PCI DSS v3.2.1/1.3.6, NIST.800-53.r5 AC-21, NIST.800-53.r5 AC-3, NIST.800-53.r5 AC-3(7), NIST.800-53.r5 AC-4, NIST.800-53.r5 AC-4(21), NIST.800-53.r5 AC-6, NIST.800-53.r5 SC-7, NIST.800-53.r5 SC-7(11), NIST.800-53.r5 SC-7(16), NIST.800-53.r5 SC-7(20), NIST.800-53.r5 SC-7(21), NIST.800-53.r5 SC-7(3), NIST.800-53.r5 SC-7(4), NIST.800-53.r5 SC-7(9)

Category: Protect > Secure network configuration

Severity: Critical

Resource type: AWS::DMS::ReplicationInstance

AWS Config rule: dms-replication-not-public

Schedule type: Periodic

Parameters: None

This control checks whether AWS DMS replication instances are public. To do this, it examines the value of the PubliclyAccessible field.

A private replication instance has a private IP address that you cannot access outside of the replication network. A replication instance should have a private IP address when the source and target databases are in the same network. The network must also be connected to the replication instance's VPC using a VPN, AWS Direct Connect, or VPC peering. To learn more about public and private replication instances, see Public and private replication instances in the AWS Database Migration Service User Guide.

You should also ensure that access to your AWS DMS instance configuration is limited to only authorized users. To do this, restrict users' IAM permissions to modify AWS DMS settings and resources.


You can't change the public access setting for a DMS replication instance after creating it. To change the public access setting, delete your current instance, and then recreate it. Don't select the Publicly accessible option.