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Amazon GuardDuty controls

These controls are related to GuardDuty resources.

These controls may not be available in all AWS Regions. For more information, see Availability of controls by Region.

[GuardDuty.1] GuardDuty should be enabled

Related requirements: PCI DSS v3.2.1/11.4, NIST.800-53.r5 AC-2(12), NIST.800-53.r5 AU-6(1), NIST.800-53.r5 AU-6(5), NIST.800-53.r5 CA-7, NIST.800-53.r5 CM-8(3), NIST.800-53.r5 RA-3(4), NIST.800-53.r5 SA-11(1), NIST.800-53.r5 SA-11(6), NIST.800-53.r5 SA-15(2), NIST.800-53.r5 SA-15(8), NIST.800-53.r5 SA-8(19), NIST.800-53.r5 SA-8(21), NIST.800-53.r5 SA-8(25), NIST.800-53.r5 SC-5, NIST.800-53.r5 SC-5(1), NIST.800-53.r5 SC-5(3), NIST.800-53.r5 SI-20, NIST.800-53.r5 SI-3(8), NIST.800-53.r5 SI-4, NIST.800-53.r5 SI-4(1), NIST.800-53.r5 SI-4(13), NIST.800-53.r5 SI-4(2), NIST.800-53.r5 SI-4(22), NIST.800-53.r5 SI-4(25), NIST.800-53.r5 SI-4(4), NIST.800-53.r5 SI-4(5)

Category: Detect > Detection services

Severity: High

Resource type: AWS::::Account

AWS Config rule: guardduty-enabled-centralized

Schedule type: Periodic

Parameters: None

This control checks whether Amazon GuardDuty is enabled in your GuardDuty account and Region.

It is highly recommended that you enable GuardDuty in all supported AWS Regions. Doing so allows GuardDuty to generate findings about unauthorized or unusual activity, even in Regions that you do not actively use. This also allows GuardDuty to monitor CloudTrail events for global AWS services such as IAM.


To remediate this issue, you enable GuardDuty.

For details on how to enable GuardDuty, including how to use AWS Organizations to manage multiple accounts, see Getting started with GuardDuty in the Amazon GuardDuty User Guide.