Updating software on Snowball Edge devices - AWS Snowball Edge Developer Guide

Updating software on Snowball Edge devices

AWS will notify you when new software is available for Snow Family devices you have. The notification is provided through email, AWS Health Dashboard, and as a CloudWatch event. The email notification is sent from Amazon Web Services, Inc. to the email address attached to the AWS account used to order the Snow Family device. When you receive the notification, follow the instructions in this topic and download and install the update as soon as possible to avoid interruption of your use of the device. For more information about AWS Health Dashboard, see AWS Health User Guide. For more information about CloudWatch Events, see Amazon CloudWatch Events User Guide.

You can download software updates from AWS and install them on Snowball Edge devices in your on-premises environments. These updates happen in the background. You can continue to use your devices as normal while the latest software is downloaded securely from AWS to your device. However, to apply downloaded updates, you must stop workloads on the device and restart it.

Software updates provided by AWS for Snowball Edge/Snowcone devices (Appliances) are Appliance Software as per Section 9 of the Service Terms.

The software updates are provided solely for the purpose of installing the software updates on the applicable Appliance on behalf of AWS. You will not (or attempt to), and will not permit or authorize third parties to (or attempt to) (i) make any copies of the software updates other than those necessary to install the software updates on the applicable Appliance, or (ii) circumvent or disable any features or measures in the software updates, including, but not limited to, any encryption applied to the software update. Once the software updates have been installed on the applicable Appliance, you agree to delete the software updates from any and all media utilized in installing the software updates to the Appliance.


We highly recommend that you suspend all activity on your device before installing the update. Updating the device and restarting will stop running instances and interrupt any writes to local Amazon S3 buckets.


Before you can update your device, the following prerequisites must be met:

After you complete these tasks, you can download and install updates for Snowball Edge devices.