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AWS Support

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Package Description

AWS Support

The AWS Support API reference is intended for programmers who need detailed information about the AWS Support operations and data types. This service enables you to manage your AWS Support cases programmatically. It uses HTTP methods that return results in JSON format.

The AWS Support service also exposes a set of Trusted Advisor features. You can retrieve a list of checks and their descriptions, get check results, specify checks to refresh, and get the refresh status of checks.

The following list describes the AWS Support case management operations:

The following list describes the operations available from the AWS Support service for Trusted Advisor:

For authentication of requests, AWS Support uses Signature Version 4 Signing Process.

See About the AWS Support API in the AWS Support User Guide for information about how to use this service to create and manage your support cases, and how to call Trusted Advisor for results of checks on your resources.

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