Key Management - Amazon Aurora

Key Management

You can manage keys used for Amazon Aurora encrypted DB clusters using the AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) in the AWS KMS console. If you want full control over a key, then you must create a customer-managed key.

You can't delete, revoke, or rotate default keys provisioned by AWS KMS. You can't share a snapshot that has been encrypted using the default AWS KMS encryption key of the AWS account that shared the snapshot.

You can view audit logs of every action taken with a customer-managed key by using AWS CloudTrail.


When Aurora encounters a DB cluster encrypted by a key that Aurora doesn't have access to, Aurora puts the DB cluster into a terminal state. In this state, the DB cluster is no longer available and the current state of the database can't be recovered. To restore the DB cluster, you must re-enable access to the encryption key for Aurora, and then restore the DB cluster from a backup.