Describing ACM certificates - AWS Certificate Manager

Describing ACM certificates

You can use the ACM console or the AWS CLI to list detailed metadata about your certificates.

To view certificate details in the console
  1. Open the ACM console at to display your certificates. You can navigate through multiple pages of certificates using the page numbers at upper-right.

  2. To show detailed metadata for a listed certificate, choose the Certificate ID. A page opens, displaying the following information:

    • Certificate status

      • Identifier – 32-byte hexadecimal unique identifier of the certificate

      • ARN – An Amazon Resource Name (ARN) in the form arn:aws:acm:Region:444455556666:certificate/certificate_ID

      • Type – Identifies the management category of an ACM certificate. Possible values are: Amazon Issued | Private | Imported. For more information, see Requesting a public certificate, Requesting a private PKI certificate, or Importing certificates into AWS Certificate Manager.

      • Status – The certificate status. Possible values are: Pending validation | Issued | Inactive | Expired | Revoked | Failed | Validation timed out

      • Detailed status – Date and time when the certificate was issued or imported

    • Domains

      • Domain – The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the certificate.

      • Status – The domain validation status. Possible values are: Pending validation | Revoked | Failed | Validation timed out | Success

    • Details

      • In use? – Whether the certificate is associated with an AWS integrated service Possible values are: Yes | No

      • Domain name – The first fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the certificate.

      • Number of additional names – Number of domain names for which the certificate is valid

      • Serial number – 16-byte hexadecimal serial number of the certificate

      • Public key info – The cryptographic algorithm that generated the key pair

      • Signature algorithm – The cryptographic algorithm used to sign the certificate.

      • Can be used with – A list of ACM integrated services that support a certificate with these parameters

      • Requested at – Date and time of issuance request

      • Issued at – If applicable, the date and time of issuance

      • Imported at – If applicable, the date and time of import

      • Not before – The start of the validity period of the certificate

      • Not after – The expiration date and time of the certificate

      • Renewal eligibility – Possible values are: Eligible | Ineligible. For eligibility rules, see Managed renewal for ACM certificates.

      • Renewal status – Status of the requested renewal of a certificate. This field is displayed and has a value only when renewal was requested. Possible values are: Pending automatic renewal | Pending validation | Success | Failure.


        It can take up to several hours for changes to the certificate status to become available. If a problem is encountered, a certificate request times out after 72 hours, and the issuance or renewal process must be repeated from the beginning.

      • CA – The ARN of the signing CA

    • Tags

      • Key

      • Value

    • Validation state – If applicable, possible values are:

      • Pending – Validation has been requested and has not completed.

      • Validation timed out – A requested validation timed out, but you can repeat the request.

      • None – The certificate is for a private PKI or is self-signed, and does not need validation.

To view certificate details using the AWS CLI

Use the describe-certificate in the AWS CLI to display certificate details, as shown in the following command:

$ aws acm describe-certificate --certificate-arn arn:aws:acm:Region:444455556666:certificate/certificate_ID

The command returns information similar to the following:

{ "Certificate": { "CertificateArn": "arn:aws:acm:Region:444455556666:certificate/certificate_ID", "Status": "EXPIRED", "Options": { "CertificateTransparencyLoggingPreference": "ENABLED" }, "SubjectAlternativeNames": [ "", "" ], "DomainName": "", "NotBefore": 1450137600.0, "RenewalEligibility": "INELIGIBLE", "NotAfter": 1484481600.0, "KeyAlgorithm": "RSA-2048", "InUseBy": [ "arn:aws:cloudfront::account:distribution/E12KXPQHVLSYVC" ], "SignatureAlgorithm": "SHA256WITHRSA", "CreatedAt": 1450212224.0, "IssuedAt": 1450212292.0, "KeyUsages": [ { "Name": "DIGITAL_SIGNATURE" }, { "Name": "KEY_ENCIPHERMENT" } ], "Serial": "07:71:71:f4:6b:e7:bf:63:87:e6:ad:3c:b2:0f:d0:5b", "Issuer": "Amazon", "Type": "AMAZON_ISSUED", "ExtendedKeyUsages": [ { "OID": "", "Name": "TLS_WEB_SERVER_AUTHENTICATION" }, { "OID": "", "Name": "TLS_WEB_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION" } ], "DomainValidationOptions": [ { "ValidationEmails": [ "", "", "", "", "" ], "ValidationDomain": "", "DomainName": "" }, { "ValidationEmails": [ "", "", "", "", "" ], "ValidationDomain": "", "DomainName": "" } ], "Subject": "" } }