Set up custom domains - AWS Amplify

Set up custom domains

You can connect a custom domain to an app that you’ve deployed in the Amplify Console. You can purchase a custom domain through a domain registrar such as Amazon Route 53, GoDaddy, or Google Domains. Route 53 is Amazon’s Domain Name System (DNS) web service. For more information about using Route 53, see What is Amazon Route 53.

When you deploy your web app with the Amplify Console, it is hosted at:

When you connect a custom domain, users see that your app is hosted on a custom URL, such as the following:

The Amplify Console issues an SSL/TLS certificate for all domains connected to your app so that all traffic is secured through HTTPS/2. The certificate generated by AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) is valid for 13 months and renews automatically as long as your app is hosted with AWS Amplify.

Prior to connecting an app to a custom domain, the app must be deployed in AWS Amplify. For more information about completing this step, see Getting started with existing code.

Connecting to a custom domain requires a basic knowledge of domains and DNS terminology. For more information about domains and DNS, see Understanding DNS terminology and concepts.