Using Athena Data Source Connectors - Amazon Athena

Using Athena Data Source Connectors

This section lists prebuilt Athena data source connectors that you can use to query a variety of data sources external to Amazon S3. To use a connector in your Athena queries, configure it and deploy it to your account.


Before you start, note the following points:

  • To use the Amazon Athena Federated Query feature, set your workgroup to Athena engine version 2. For steps, see Changing Athena Engine Versions.

  • To use the Athena Federated Query feature with AWS Secrets Manager, you must configure an Amazon VPC private endpoint for Secrets Manager. For more information, see Create a Secrets Manager VPC Private Endpoint in the AWS Secrets Manager User Guide.

For more information about data source connectors, see the following topics: