Available data source connectors - Amazon Athena

Available data source connectors

This section lists prebuilt Athena data source connectors that you can use to query a variety of data sources external to Amazon S3. To use a connector in your Athena queries, configure it and deploy it to your account.

Considerations and limitations

  • Some prebuilt connectors require that you create a VPC and a security group before you can use the connector. For information about creating VPCs, see Creating a VPC for a data source connector.

  • To use the Athena Federated Query feature with AWS Secrets Manager, you must configure an Amazon VPC private endpoint for Secrets Manager. For more information, see Create a Secrets Manager VPC private endpoint in the AWS Secrets Manager User Guide.

  • For connectors that do not support predicate pushdown, queries that include a predicate take significantly longer to execute. For small datasets, very little data is scanned, and queries take an average of about 2 minutes. However, for large datasets, many queries can time out.

  • Some federated data sources use terminology to refer data objects that is different from Athena. For more information, see Athena and federated table name qualifiers.

  • For connectors that do not support pagination when you list tables, the web service can time out if your database has many tables and metadata. The following connectors provide pagination support for listing tables:

    • DocumentDB

    • DynamoDB

    • MySQL

    • OpenSearch

    • Oracle

    • PostgreSQL

    • Redshift

    • SQL Server

Additional information


The AthenaJdbcConnector (latest version 2022.4.1) has been deprecated. Instead, use a database-specific connector like those for MySQL, Redshift, or PostgreSQL.