AWS CodeBuild
User Guide (API Version 2016-10-06)

Command Line Reference for AWS CodeBuild

The AWS CLI provides commands for automating AWS CodeBuild. Use the information in this topic as a supplement to the AWS Command Line Interface User Guide and the AWS CLI Reference for AWS CodeBuild.

Not what you're looking for? If you want to use the AWS SDKs to call AWS CodeBuild, see the AWS SDKs and Tools Reference.

To use the information in this topic, you should have already installed the AWS CLI and configured it for use with AWS CodeBuild, as described in Install and Configure the AWS CLI.

Specify the AWS CodeBuild Endpoint

You can use the AWS CLI to specify the endpoint through which AWS CodeBuild is accessed by using the --endpoint-url argument on any AWS CodeBuild command. For example, to get a list of project build names using a the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) endpoint in the US East (N. Virginia) Region, run this command.

aws codebuild list-projects --endpoint-url

To see the endpoints that can be used with AWS CodeBuild, see AWS CodeBuild Regions and Endpoints.

AWS CLI Commands for AWS CodeBuild

Run this command to get a list of AWS CodeBuild commands.

aws codebuild help

Run this command to get information about a AWS CodeBuild command, where command-name is the name of the command.

aws codebuild command-name help

AWS CodeBuild commands include: