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This is the AWS CodeCommit API Reference. This reference provides descriptions of the operations and data types for AWS CodeCommit API along with usage examples.

You can use the AWS CodeCommit API to work with the following objects:

Repositories, by calling the following:

Branches, by calling the following:

  • CreateBranch , which creates a branch in a specified repository.

  • DeleteBranch , which deletes the specified branch in a repository unless it is the default branch.

  • GetBranch , which returns information about a specified branch.

  • ListBranches , which lists all branches for a specified repository.

  • UpdateDefaultBranch , which changes the default branch for a repository.

Files, by calling the following:

  • DeleteFile , which deletes the content of a specified file from a specified branch.

  • GetBlob , which returns the base-64 encoded content of an individual Git blob object in a repository.

  • GetFile , which returns the base-64 encoded content of a specified file.

  • GetFolder , which returns the contents of a specified folder or directory.

  • PutFile , which adds or modifies a single file in a specified repository and branch.

Commits, by calling the following:

  • BatchGetCommits , which returns information about one or more commits in a repository.

  • CreateCommit , which creates a commit for changes to a repository.

  • GetCommit , which returns information about a commit, including commit messages and author and committer information.

  • GetDifferences , which returns information about the differences in a valid commit specifier (such as a branch, tag, HEAD, commit ID, or other fully qualified reference).

Merges, by calling the following:

Pull requests, by calling the following:

Approval rule templates, by calling the following:

Comments in a repository, by calling the following:

Tags used to tag resources in AWS CodeCommit (not Git tags), by calling the following:

  • ListTagsForResource , which gets information about AWStags for a specified Amazon Resource Name (ARN) in AWS CodeCommit.

  • TagResource , which adds or updates tags for a resource in AWS CodeCommit.

  • UntagResource , which removes tags for a resource in AWS CodeCommit.

Triggers, by calling the following:

For information about how to use AWS CodeCommit, see the AWS CodeCommit User Guide.

This document was last published on October 15, 2021.