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Set up outbound caller ID

We recommend setting your outbound caller ID. Not doing so may result in some PSTN carriers considering your outbound calls fraudulent activity, and they may drop them.

There are a few times when your outbound caller ID—your company name and number—will appear to contacts:

  • During customer callbacks.

  • If an agent makes an outbound call.

  • If an agent transfers a call, for example, to an external number.

Caller ID name: Set in queue

You set the caller ID name, such as the name of your company, in the queue settings. To edit queue settings, on the navigation menu choose Routing, Queues, and then choose the queue you want to edit.

If your DID phone number is in the US/CANADA: The name you use should be the same one that’s registered in the CNAM (Caller Name) database provided by Amazon Connect; this is a nationwide resource available in the US/CANADA to provide the name of the calling party on incoming calls if recipients subscribe to CNAM services from their telecom carrier.

Open an AWS Support ticket to register your US/CANADA-based phone number with your company name in the CNAM database of the Amazon Connect carrier. We'll handle the registration process for you.


If you want each agent to have their own caller ID name while dialing out (such as Example Corp Billing Dept), create a queue for each agent/caller ID name.

Caller ID number: Set in the queue or Call phone number block

Only phone numbers that you've claimed or ported to Amazon Connect can be used as your caller ID number.

To use an external phone number as your outbound caller ID number, contact AWS Support to see if it's possible. You'll need to provide proof of ownership.

You can set the caller ID number as follows:

  • Call phone number block: Use this block in an outbound whisper flow to initiate an outbound call to a customer and, optionally, specify a custom caller ID number that is displayed to call recipients.

    This block is useful when you have multiple telephone numbers used to make outbound calls, but want to consistently display the same company phone number for the caller ID for calls made from your contact center.

    You can also use this block with the Set contact attributes block to set the callback number dynamically. For example, you can display a certain caller ID number based on the customer's account type.

  • Queue: If no caller ID number is specified in the Call phone number block, then the caller ID in the queue settings is used.


In Australia: The caller ID must be an Amazon Connect provided DID (Direct Inward Dialing) phone number. If a toll free number or a number not provided by Amazon Connect is used in the caller ID, local telephony suppliers may reject outbound calls due to local anti-fraud requirements.

Setting the caller ID dynamically

Use an attribute in the Call phone number block to set the caller ID number dynamically during the contact flow.

The attribute can be one you define in the Set contact attributes block in the contact flow. Or, it can be an external attribute returned from an AWS Lambda function.

The value of the attribute must be a phone number from your instance in E.164 format.

  • If the number is not in E.164 format, the number from the queue associated with the outbound whisper flow is used for the caller ID number.

  • If no number is set for the outbound caller ID number for the queue, the call attempt will fail.

For more information about setting the caller ID dynamically, see this AWS Support Knowledge Center article: How can I set my Amazon Connect outbound caller ID dynamically based on country?

Use E.164 format for international phone numbers

Amazon Connect requires phone numbers in E.164 format.

To express a US phone number in E.164 format, add the '+' prefix and the country code in front of the number. For example, for a US number:

  • +1-800-555-1212

In the UK and many other countries internationally, local dialing requires the addition of a 0 in front of the subscriber number. However, to use E.164 formatting, this 0 must be removed. A number such as 020 718 xxxxx in the UK would be formatted as +44 20 718 xxxxx.

Phone numbers that are not formatted in E.164 may work, but it depends on the phone or handset that is being used as well as the carrier from which the call is originated.

When you place calls from the CCP using Amazon Connect the CCP provides the correct formatting for numbers automatically.

How to specify a custom caller ID number using a Call phone number block

  1. On the navigation menu, choose Routing, Contact flows.

  2. Choose the down arrow next to Create contact flow, and then choose Create outbound whisper flow.

  3. Add a Call phone number block to the flow, and connect the Entry point block to it.

    The Call phone number block must be placed before a Play prompt block if one is included in your contact flow.

  4. Select the Call phone number block, and then select Caller ID number to display.

  5. Do one of the following:

    • To use a number from your instance, choose Select a number from your instance, and then search for or select the number to use from the drop-down.

    • Choose Use attribute to use a contact attribute to provide the value for the caller ID number. You can use either a User Defined attribute you create using a Set contact attributes block, or an External attribute returned from an AWS Lambda function. The value of any attribute you use must be a phone number claimed for your instance and be in E.164 format. If the number used from an attribute is not in E.164 format, the number set for the Outbound caller ID number for the queue is used.

  6. Add any additional blocks to complete your contact flow, and connect the Success branch of the Call phone number block to the next block in the flow.

    There is no error branch for the block. If a call is not successfully initiated, the contact flow ends and the agent is placed in an AfterContactWork (ACW) state.

Why your caller ID might not appear correctly to customers

Amazon Connect presents Outbound Caller ID Name correctly via the Calling Line/Party Presentation service on outbound calls. In testing, with all of our telephony providers, the Outbound Caller ID Name value comes back to us intact on all the carriers we use. This service is not consistent because downstream carriers (including mobile carriers) often ignore the value we set in the Outbound Caller ID Name and CNAM is not regulated or enforced.

How to avoid labels like "spam" and "telemarketer"

Amazon Connect has contracted with a leading provider of CNAM services for US numbers to provide Calling Name to the extent possible. This enables outbound calls that show the enrolled Calling Line Identity (CLI) to generally avoid reputation-sensitive labels like "spam" or "telemarketer."

To enroll your numbers with this CNAM services provider, open a Support ticket. Our Support team will gather the required information to enroll your numbers. For instructions on how to access Support, see Get administrative support for Amazon Connect.


Only numbers in the 50 US states, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands are eligible.