AWS Encryption SDK
Developer Guide

Document History for the AWS Encryption SDK Developer Guide

The following table describes the significant changes to this documentation.

Latest documentation update: March 21, 2017

Change Description Date
New release

Added the Data Key Caching chapter for the new feature.

Added the AWS Encryption SDK Initialization Vector Reference topic that explains that the SDK changed from generating random IVs to constructing deterministic IVs.

Added the Concepts in the AWS Encryption SDK topic to explain concepts, including the new cryptographic materials manager.

July 31, 2017

Expanded the Message Format Reference documentation into a new AWS Encryption SDK Reference section.

Added a section about the AWS Encryption SDK's Supported Algorithm Suites.

March 21, 2017
New release The AWS Encryption SDK now supports the Python programming language, in addition to Java. March 21, 2017
Initial release Initial release of the AWS Encryption SDK and this documentation. March 22, 2016