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Amazon Connect Service

Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact center solution that you use to set up and manage a customer contact center and provide reliable customer engagement at any scale.

Amazon Connect provides metrics and real-time reporting that enable you to optimize contact routing. You can also resolve customer issues more efficiently by getting customers in touch with the appropriate agents.

There are limits to the number of Amazon Connect resources that you can create. There are also limits to the number of requests that you can make per second. For more information, see Amazon Connect Service Quotas in the Amazon Connect Administrator Guide.

You can connect programmatically to an AWS service by using an endpoint. For a list of Amazon Connect endpoints, see Amazon Connect Endpoints.

Amazon AppIntegrations Service

The Amazon AppIntegrations service enables you to configure and reuse connections to external applications.

For information about how you can use external applications with Amazon Connect, see the following topics in the Amazon Connect Administrator Guide:

Amazon Connect Contact Lens

Amazon Connect Contact Lens enables you to analyze conversations between customer and agents, by using speech transcription, natural language processing, and intelligent search capabilities. It performs sentiment analysis, detects issues, and enables you to automatically categorize contacts.

Amazon Connect Contact Lens provides both real-time and post-call analytics of customer-agent conversations. For more information, see Analyze conversations using speech analytics in the Amazon Connect Administrator Guide.

Amazon Connect Outbound Campaigns

With the outbound campaigns feature of Amazon Connect, you can create high-volume outbound campaigns. For example, you can use this feature for appointment reminders, telemarketing, subscription renewals, or debt collection. For more information, see Set up outbound communications in the Amazon Connect Administrator Guide.

Amazon Connect Cases

With Amazon Connect Cases, your agents can track and manage customer issues that require multiple interactions, follow-up tasks, and teams in your contact center. A case represents a customer issue. It records the issue, the steps and interactions taken to resolve the issue, and the outcome. For more information, see Amazon Connect Cases in the Amazon Connect Administrator Guide.

Amazon Connect Participant Service

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center service that enables companies of any size to deliver superior customer service at a lower cost. Amazon Connect communications capabilities make it easy for companies to deliver personalized interactions across communication channels, including chat.

Use the Amazon Connect Participant Service to manage participants (for example, agents, customers, and managers listening in), and to send messages and events within a chat contact. The APIs in the service enable the following: sending chat messages, attachment sharing, managing a participant's connection state and message events, and retrieving chat transcripts.

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles is a unified customer profile for your contact center that has pre-built connectors powered by AppFlow that make it easy to combine customer information from third party applications, such as Salesforce (CRM), ServiceNow (ITSM), and your enterprise resource planning (ERP), with contact history from your Amazon Connect contact center.

For more information about the Amazon Connect Customer Profiles feature, see Use Customer Profiles in the Amazon Connect Administrator's Guide.

Amazon Q Connect


Powered by Amazon Bedrock: AWS implements automated abuse detection. Because Amazon Q in Connect is built on Amazon Bedrock, users can take full advantage of the controls implemented in Amazon Bedrock to enforce safety, security, and the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Amazon Q in Connect is a generative AI customer service assistant. It is an LLM-enhanced evolution of Amazon Connect Wisdom that delivers real-time recommendations to help contact center agents resolve customer issues quickly and accurately.

Amazon Q in Connect automatically detects customer intent during calls and chats using conversational analytics and natural language understanding (NLU). It then provides agents with immediate, real-time generative responses and suggested actions, and links to relevant documents and articles. Agents can also query Amazon Q in Connect directly using natural language or keywords to answer customer requests.

Use the Amazon Q in Connect APIs to create an assistant and a knowledge base, for example, or manage content by uploading custom files.

For more information, see Use Amazon Q in Connect for generative AI powered agent assistance in real-time in the Amazon Connect Administrator Guide.

Amazon Voice ID

Amazon Connect Voice ID provides real-time caller authentication and fraud risk detection, which make voice interactions in contact centers more secure and efficient.

For more information about the Voice ID feature, see Use real-time caller authentication with Voice ID in the Amazon Connect Administrator Guide.