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AMI-based products

One way of delivering your products to buyers is with Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). An AMI provides the information required to launch an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance. You create a custom AMI for your product, and buyers can use it to create EC2 instances with your product already installed and ready to use.

When buyers use the AMI that you provide, they're billed for instances that they create, following the pricing and metering options that you create for your product. Buyers can use your product AMI in the same way that they use other AMIs in AWS, including making new custom versions of the AMI. EC2 instances created from the AMI are still billed as your product, based on the AMI product code.

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AMI-based product delivery methods

You can deliver your AMI-based product in one of three ways:

  • Single AMI – Buyers select and use the AMI as a template for an EC2 instance. Buyers can find these products using the Amazon Machine Image delivery method filter.

    For more information, see Single-AMI products.

  • AWS CloudFormation templates – You create templates that allow buyers to install a system of multiple instances with different roles as a single unit. Buyers can find these products using the CloudFormation delivery method filter.

    For more information, see AMI-based delivery using AWS CloudFormation.

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