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Amazon Pinpoint journeys

In Amazon Pinpoint, a journey is a customized, multi-step engagement experience. When you create a journey, you start by choosing a segment that defines which customers will participate in the journey. After that, you add the activities that customers pass through on their journeys. Activities can include sending messages or splitting customers into groups based on their attributes or behaviors.

There are several different types of journey activities, each with its own specific purpose. For example, you can add a Send email activity to your journey. When a customer arrives on this type of activity, they receive an email message. Another type of journey activity is the Multivariate split activity. When customers arrive on this type of activity, they are separated into multiple paths based on their segment membership or their interactions with previous journey activities. You can learn more about journey activities in Take a tour of journeys.

This chapter contains conceptual information about journeys in Amazon Pinpoint. It also contains information about creating, managing, testing, and publishing your journeys.