Exporting your estimates - AWS Pricing Calculator

Exporting your estimates

You can export your AWS Pricing Calculator estimate as a PDF or a CSV file. By doing this, you can save the parameters that AWS Pricing Calculator used to create your estimate so that you can revisit them if you set up AWS services in the console.


Your PDF contains a share link to your estimate.

To export an AWS Pricing Calculator estimate

  1. Open AWS Pricing Calculator at https://calculator.aws/#/.

  2. Create an estimate by adding one or more services. For more information, see Create an estimate, configure a service, add more services, and edit your inputs.

  3. Open the My estimate page at https://calculator.aws/#/estimate

  4. Use the Export dropdown and choose CSV or PDF.

  5. Read the acknowledgement and choose OK.

  6. In the dialog box, choose Save File and choose OK.