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Importing data in Amazon SageMaker Canvas

You can import data from different data sources into Amazon SageMaker Canvas. The data sources include Amazon S3, your local machine, and external data sources. Currently, you can only import comma delimited .csv files. Your .csv files must not have newline characters except when denoting a new row. You can use the dataset that you import to build a model and make predictions on other datasets.

You can import data from the following external data sources:

  • An Amazon S3 bucket from an external account

  • An Amazon Redshift database

  • Snowflake

You can import data with the following data types:

  • Categorical

  • Numeric

  • Text

  • Datetime

Canvas has the following limits for importing data and building models.

Feature Limit

Maximum dataset file size

5 GB

Maximum number of columns in datasets


Maximum number of rows for Quick builds


Maximum sample size for random sampling


Minimum sample size for random sampling


To import data from an external data source, create a connection. For more information, see Connect to an external data source.

To import data from multiple files on your local machine or Amazon S3 locations, you import the data from each data source and join them into a single dataset. For information about joining datasets, see Join data that you've imported into SageMaker Canvas.

SageMaker Canvas provides several sample datasets in your application to help you get started. To learn more about the SageMaker-provided sample datasets you can experiment with, see Use sample datasets.