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A styled button that represents some action.


The following attributes are supported by this element.


A Boolean switch that, if present, displays the button as disabled and prevents clicks.


A switch that either submits its parent crowd-form element, if set to "submit", or resets its parent <crowd-form> element, if set to "reset".


The URL to an online resource. Use this property if you need a link styled as a button.


A string that specifies the icon to be displayed next to the button's text. The string must be either the name of an icon from the open-source iron-icons set, which is pre-loaded, or the URL to a custom icon.

The icon is positioned to either the left or the right of the text, as specified by the icon-align attribute.


The left or right position of the icon relative to the button's text. The default is "left".


A URL to a custom image for the icon. A custom image can be used in place of a standard icon that is specified by the icon attribute.


A Boolean switch that, if present, displays the button as being in a loading state. This attribute has precedence over the disabled attribute if both attributes are present.


When you use the href attribute to make the button act as a hyperlink to a specific URL, the target attribute optionally targets a frame or window where the linked URL should load.


The general style of the button. Use "primary" for primary buttons, "normal" for secondary buttons, "link" for tertiary buttons, or "icon" to display only the icon without text.

Element Hierarchy

This element has the following parent and child elements.

  • Parent elements: crowd-form

  • Child elements: none

See Also

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